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Here you will find a range of information about Catholic education in New Zealand, and a link to the website of The National Centre for Religious Studies, which is responsible for the Religious Education curriculum.


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Integrated Schools Are in Good Shape

Farewell Statement from Sir Patrick Lynch - CEO

On 9th October 1975 the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act was passed by Parliament on the last sitting day of the Third Labour Government, with the support of the National Party Opposition. In so doing, in the words of the late Norman Kirk, the Prime Minister who initially led the Third Labour Government, it "healed the one hundred year education running sore" whereby a significant sector of New Zealand schools had been denied State funding.

In the forty years since the passage of this legislation Integrated schools have successfully taken their place in the State school education system and are now strongly contributing to the welfare of the system itself and to the wellbeing of New Zealand society.
The legislators and those organisations that contributed to formulating the Act were bold and visionary, yet were pragmatists who could see that trust and compromise were the ingredients that delivered legislation that needed to work in practice. That the fundamentals of the legislation have stood the test of time is a strong testament to the good will of the education groups and representatives of the Churches who worked together in order to fulfil the vision of Norman Kirk of healing the 100 year education running sore.

As I leave the CEO role of the NZCEO / APIS Office, I am acutely aware that it is the Proprietors, Boards of Trustees, Principals, teachers, parents and a host of others who have and continue to make the system work. I am grateful for their generosity, support and goodwill, for without them we would not enjoy the success we do.

It would be remiss of me if I did not single out successive New Zealand Governments since 1976 that have made the system work, in collaboration with Proprietors through their Integration Agreements with the Crown. Each of the fifteen Ministers of Education who have administered the Integration Act have acted with integrity and goodwill towards the sector - for this we can be eternally grateful.

We have a unique system of Integrated schools, which is a New Zealand "invention" that suits our needs, and what is more, it works. In the process it ensures Integrated State schools are not political footballs every time parliamentary elections come around.

It has been a wonderfully privileged journey to have worked with the education sector over 22 years. Thank you for the opportunity to have been able to meet so many of you in your various roles as you make the system work. May the trust and good will which the sector has built up in all of its wonderful diversity, continue to strengthen and deliver special character education to the over 88,000 young people in our 324 Integrated schools throughout the land.

I commend Paul Ferris, the new CEO, to you as a man whom you can trust. He is a well-respected educator who has your interests at heart.

May God Bless You All.

Patrick Lynch KNZM

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